Applying to establish an EBTT position

Follow this process to establish an employment-based trainee teacher (EBTT) position for your school.

  1. Decide whether you need a trainee teacher. Consider any potential changes to rolls, staffing or funding that might impact on whether it is an appropriate option to use a trainee teacher. You may want to contact the NZ School Trustees Association for advice about whether an EBTT position is the right option for your school
  2. If you decide to apply to establish an EBTT position, check whether your school meets the eligibility criteria.
  3. Contact the ITE provider to discuss your needs and what candidates are available. You will also need to come to an agreement regarding each other’s roles and responsibilities.
  4. Complete the EBTT Request form: Establishment of  an employment-based trainee teacher position, including the signed attestation by the Board Chair and send it to Scholarships and Awards, TeachNZ team: 

Email: (preferred method)

Post: Ministry of Education, Scholarships and Awards team (EBTT), PO Box 1666, Wellington 6011.

What happens next?

We’ll check your application to make sure it is complete and the attestation is signed. If we need more information from you, we’ll be in touch. Once we have all the information, we’ll work with the Education Review Office (ERO) to decide whether to approve or decline your request and email you with our decision.

If your request to establish an EBTT position is:


You can:

  • Advertise and appoint a trainee teacher within 12 months of the request being approved
  • Check that the trainee teacher has been accepted to enrol on an approved employment-based ITE programme 
  • Help the trainee teacher obtain a Limited Authority to Teach if not already done
  • Go to: Setting up payroll for your EBTT


You can appeal the decision in writing and by submitting any information addressing the reason your application was declined

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