Teacher education refresh

The Teacher Education Refresh (TER) is a Teaching Council programme designed for qualified teachers with previous, limited or no teaching experience, in particular teachers:

  • applying for a first Tiwhikete Whakaakoranga Tōmua | Provisional Practising Certificate, who graduated from their Initial Teacher Education programme more than five years ago 
  • who last held a Provisional Practising Certificate (now Tōmua | Provisional) and have not taught in the last five years 
  • who have held a Provisional Practising Certificate for more than five years and want to renew it
  • who are overseas trained and whose education qualification was completed more than five years ago and who have not taught in the last five years.  

To be issued with a Tiwhikete Whakaakoranga Tūturu | Full (Category One) Practising Certificate, teachers must complete a two year induction and mentoring programme and demonstrate they meet the Code | Ngā Tikanga Matatikaand Standards | Ngā Paerewa for the Teaching Profession. The period for induction and mentoring may be shortened to one year if the teacher has evidence that they previously completed at least one year of induction and mentoring while teaching overseas. If the teacher is unable to meet the requirements for a full practising certificate in the five year timeframe then they may be required to complete a Teacher Education Refresh programme, ensuring they are up to date with current education initiatives, well-prepared to teach successfully and be able to be granted a further Tōmua |Provisional Practising Certificate.

The Ministry is covering the costs of the TER programme until the end of December 2023.

The Teaching Council is also able to issue a specific type of practising certificate for experienced teachers who haven’t taught in New Zealand in the last five years - the Returning to Teaching in Aotearoa New Zealand Practising Certificate (RTTANZ). This type of practising certificate does not get renewed. The Council expects that once you've gained satisfactory teaching experience, have completed any required refresh process, and met all the other requirements for practising certificate issue or renewal, you will seek to move to the appropriate practising certificate type for you. Please go to the Council’s website for more information about this practising certificate.

How long does TER take to complete?

It is designed to be flexible so that each teacher completes only the modules they need, and can work while they study.

The Teaching Council has increased the options available for teachers taking the programme, with a fast track option included for teachers already in employment in a school or centre

The Teacher Education Refresh (TER) can be accessed by overseas teachers, who require it, to meet certification requirements with the Teaching Council. 

In addition, support is provided to teachers, required to repeat or re-sit aspects of the TER programme, at no further cost.

For more information and to find a TER provider, visit the Teaching Council website.

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