Completing the Video Presentation

Please provide a video presentation of up to 3 minutes (it must not exceed this) that covers the following: 

 Those applying for a Te Waka Whakarei Career Changer and/or Te Tipu Whakarito Scholarship must answer these questions in te reo Māori. 

  • Why are you passionate about your chosen teaching subject(s), field(s) or sector?
  • Who or what inspired you to become a teacher and what key elements do you think make a good teacher?
  • Great teachers have the ability to lead and motivate not only their learners, but also motivate and connect families and communities through education. Tell us from your perspective what skills, attributes and qualities you think leadership requires; then describe a personal experience or situation where you’ve utilised your leadership skills to lead, motivate, consult or encourage young people and their communities. This could be in your chosen subject or examples from your work, education, community or cultural activities.

Te Waka Whakarei Career Changer and Te Tipu Whakarito Scholarship applicants only:

Whakapapa, reo, tikanga - Kāti, ka kīia ai ko te whakapapa, ko te reo, ko te tikianga te tokotoru nui o te mātauranga mō ngā akonga Māori katoa. Tēnā, he aha ō whakaaro mō ēnei tū āhuatanga, ā, me pēhea tō whakapapa, tō reo me tō ahurea e āwhina i a koe ki te whakaako?

Please use the video presentation as an opportunity to display any te reo Māori or Pacific language competencies you have.

Instructions for preparing your video: 

  • Your video must not exceed 3 minutes in duration.
  • You can choose which online service you would like to use to provide your video. We recommend you use YouTube and upload your video as an unlisted video - refer to further instructions below under “Advice to help you prepare your video presentation”.
  • Please provide the video link in your application form (there will be a space for this).
  • There must not be a password or login required to view your video.

Advice to help you prepare your video presentation:


We don’t expect you to have professional filming equipment, so using a phone or computer is fine. Please review your footage before sending to ensure sound and image quality are sufficient to get your message across. Avoid submitting anything too shaky, loud or inaudible. If you are struggling to get the quality you desire, ask a friend or family member to assist you with filming so you have more space to communicate and engage the viewer.


Content is crucial to your video submission, so make sure your message comes across clearly within the three minute timeframe. Use real-world examples and evidence whenever possible and avoid straying too much from the relevant topic. This is your chance to really stand out, so let your passion for teaching shine through by using creative approaches to filming. The selection panel need to see that you feel inspired by your teaching subjects. Please note, anything that exceeds the recommended time for your video will not be assessed, so practice ahead of time if you’re worried about the video length.


Please ensure your video is clear, concise and viewer friendly. The selection panel will want to see you speaking in an environment, and not just relying on a power point presentation.

Imagine you are in front of a class full of students. How would you speak to them and engage with them? Your effective communication skills should come across in your video submission. Also consider your environment and personal presentation when filming. How do you want to portray yourself to the viewer? Take some time to really think through your plan before filming and spend time analysing the video afterwards before submitting the final product. This is your chance to make a strong and lasting impression – good luck!

Uploading your video to YouTube - Unlisted

To upload your finished video as an unlisted version to YouTube, please follow the steps below:

  1. Sign into your YouTube account or follow the instructions to create one
  2. Go to ‘Your Channel’ and select the ‘upload video’ button
  3. Click the ‘select files’ button and choose your video
  4. Fill in the video details, elements, and checks
  5. On the visibility tab, select the ‘unlisted’ option
  6. Once uploaded, select the options button (three vertical dots) and click on ‘Get shareable link’
  7. Paste the link into your application form, in the space provided.

Other information

  • We will only view your video online through a web-browser.
  • Your video will not be downloaded or stored in any Ministry of Education IT systems.
  • If your application is not successful, the link provided will be removed from Ministry IT systems.
  • Note that your video may not be viewed if your application is not shortlisted for the assessment panel.



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